Statistics on recent changes

312471772.2 kஏதிலி
232530162836intermediate (in a chemical reaction)
10131.9 k1.9 k1.8 kஜதி
13131.6 k1.6 k1.5 kஜோதி
312194200970meta- (chemistry)
7123036788auricle (heart)
3123036788atrium (heart)
3123036778conjugation (in bacterial and fungal reproduction)
3123036799mapping (mathematics)
3123036784map (mathematics)
2123036772bit (computer)
1123036803meta directing (chemistry)
1123036811space (typing)
113333784matrix (cell nucleus)
113333799arrow (computer)
113333799atlas (vertebra)
113333796formation (arrangement)
113333802constitution (political science)
113333781process (analyze)
113333778file (tool)
113333793normalization (math)
113030631erikkattu (rules of lift irrigated lands)
113030625churungkai (tunnel)
113030632eri varium (water resources board)
113030628cuttamaran (boat)
113030616dhal (pigeon pea), cajanus indicus
113030656erikkattu lands(lift irrigated lands)
113030641granite rim (ring)
113030619ekkar (sand dune)
113030640kal (channel)
113030610ida (basket)
113030619payambu (a dry field)
113030613mountain spring (pool)
113030619irrigation kulam (small tank)
113030631fine paddy (high grade paddy)
113030625ilavenil (spring)
51130301.5 kஅலங்காரம்
41144441.5 kசனி
311128128249behaviour anchored rating scale (bars)
111128128249auto regression integrated moving average (arima) model
111128128249london international financial futures exchange (liffe)
4113030613cheru (a wet field)
3113333787article (science)
2113333837part per thousand (ppt)
2113333787personal (related to people)
2113333790journal (research)
2113333802faculty (education)
2113333781post (internet)
2113333823intermediate sight (surveying)
2113333787saw (tool)
2113333816atomic mass unit (amu)
2113030646far end (fields)
1113333837ppt (parts per thousand)
1113333806period (of revolution)
1113333790potential (physics)
1113333805ranging (surveying)
1113333787stoma (medicine)
1113333784layer (brick or tile)
1113333793conservation (physics)
1113333787power (mathematics)
1113333787stringer (stair)
1113333793degree (exponent)
1113333860degree (of polynomial)
1113333784organ (musical instrument)
1113333854degree (differential equation)
1113333793pile (construction)
1113333808bottom (quark)
1113333802resolution (into components)
1113333787resolve (into components)
1113333781ibid (ibidem)
1113333781ibidem (ibid)
1113333793bos (zoology)
1113333800matrix space (cell nucleus)
1113333796brooding (eggs)
1113333814domain (of a function)
1113333805quintillion (short scale)
1113333802corpus (penis)
1113333775reference (origin)
1113333793study (scientific)
1113333811charm (quark)
1113333790ruler (measurement)
1113333793scale (math)
1113333793fetch (someone)
1113333781scale (physics)
1113030626water divining practice (art)
1113030626water barrier (moat)
311772.2 kcap
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